The 2021 Porsche Taycan Takes a New Look at Technology

November 9th, 2020 by

Porsche Taycan Technology

Porsche drivers everywhere are rejoicing the many upgraded features of the 2021 Porsche Taycan. Hailed by enthusiasts everywhere as an “electric supercar,” the Taycan has won our hearts and minds in more ways than one with all of its new features. Upgrades in design, technology, and performance have floored Porsche lovers across the globe, and still has seats for your whole family. What really has this year’s drivers absolutely riveted about the Taycan? Sure, it can go faster, punch harder, and looks amazing, but we turn our eyes to the interior of the vehicle for definitive answers.

One of the most abundant offerings with the Taycan is the wealth of technology available at the fingertips of both driver and passengers. The vehicle is loaded with display screens that can inform, entertain, and connect you to basically everything you can imagine. While Porsche goes minimalistic with the overall design, there are at least four display screens in the front row of seats. This includes an all-digital MID screen and launch control, two center display screens along the center console, and even an additional display on the passenger dash. Porsche has made physical buttons a thing of the past, which has jettisoned the Taycan into what could be considered a futuristic vehicle.

In spite of the compact nature of the Taycan, Porsche spared zero compromise when it came to the size of each prolific display screen. Behind the wheel is 16.8 inches of touch control with a multi-informational display. Control everything from your 9.6 seconds of acceleration to 124 mph to controlling lighting and Chassis functions. Both passenger and driver hold the reigns to climate controlling their separate zones via a massive center console screen, as well as your infotainment screen located at roughly eye level for your front row. Integrated hand-in-hand with Apple CarPlay, every display screen has seen a whole new level of functionality.

The touchscreens in the Porsche Taycan are a wonderful addition to the already timeless Porsche interior, but they are only as exciting as the amazing features and ability that Porsche has given them. Remember driving down those long highways during the summer with your music on full blast? Porsche certainly seems to, as now the vehicle is designed with near perfect acoustics for a vehicle its size. Fully empower your drive with a bold and brilliant soundtrack behind you to pair with the emotion and power of driving a Porsche. Not only that, but you and your friends are all now karaoke champions with the brand-new ability for the vehicle to display synced lyrics on the center screens. Couple that with the available ambient lighting inside the vehicle and your Porsche Taycan is nothing short of a party.

Porsche has, without a doubt, always been on the forefront of available vehicle technology both inside and out. A top tier choice when looking for the best available option in connectivity, music, infotainment, and this year you even have an embedded LTE connection feature. Play to all of your strengths with the Taycan, and find out why its one of Porsche’s most prized models in their current lineup.

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