A Fully Customizable Porsche Timepiece

September 18th, 2020 by

Porsche watches

Porsche has moved forward through the century looking towards the next exciting way to combine the best of sports cars with classic style and luxury. For four decades, Porsche Design, a subsidiary of Porsche AG, has created a line of executive watches designed in Austria and made by only the best in Switzerland. Living through the original designer Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the philosophy for both industries continues to pair perfectly executed design with only the best functionality. Newly available, Porsche Design has combined its world-famous watches with customizable options that can match aspects of your favorite Porsche models.
Porsche Design timepieces and Porsche vehicles have walked hand in hand for nearly fifty years. Their respective industries flying under that same Porsche banner boast not only the finest materials and design but also the highest quality with the best technology available. The design is reminiscent of the flawless Porsche 911. These outstandingly accurate, chronometer-certified watches feature a 30-minute counter, and a date window all within a black matte watch face and represented as dials that mimic the instrument cluster on the Porsche 911. Finely differentiated line geometrics are blazingly clear behind an anti-glare, sapphire crystal watch face cover.
The rear face of the watch is where the highly distinguished Porsche brand really comes into play. Made to mimic a Porsche wheel, a winding rotor is visible embedded within the timepiece’s titanium framing. Several options are available, including a classic Porsche Design icon rotor or five separate designs from the Porsche 911 athletic wheel design, and is available in 24 different colors. Watch the heart of this amazing timepiece beat with the never-ending flow of time with the classic Porsche crest emblazoned at its center.
Now, more than ever before, Porsche Design puts you at the wheel when looking at your optimal watch design. The strap comes available with genuine, Porsche leather in black or 24 other color options that are made to suit any preference. Take a piece of your Porsche 911 with you, as each watch uses genuine Porsche vehicle yarn available in your choice of color. Also customizable on the watch are the case and bezel, the interior colored ring, and additional options surround clasp and strap. Make the watch truly yours by taking advantage of a personalized engraving on the back, which can be a VIN number to match your favorite Porsche vehicle using precise-point laser engraving.
Each watch is made to your exact specifications upon order. Nearly every piece can be tailor-made to suit your preference and a multitude of options that results in nearly 1.5 million different combinations that make yours truly one in a million. Ordering and building your Porsche Design timepiece is easier than ever, with a mobile-friendly website that lets you customize your model, accessories, and more. You can even directly match your watch to already existing Porsche exterior colors and their best complimenting leather interiors. Order now, and enjoy the best of Porsche with the high functionality and precision aesthetic that the world has come to know.

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