Porsche and Siemens Partner Together for a Greener Future

December 23rd, 2020 by

Porsche partnership with Siemens EnergyPorsche is once again looking to a greener, more environmentally friendly future in partnership with German energy company, Siemens. Together, in lockstep with other international companies, set their sights on a plant in Chile to help create fuel based off of unharnessed renewable resources. Porsche is absolutely no stranger to innovative tech towards more fuel-efficient cars, and manage to maintain their commanding presence as a performance luxury car brand. The Cayenne already has a hybrid model, and the Taycan Turbo is Porsche’s massively powerful all-electric vehicle. Porsche doubles down on their commitment to greener futures with the help of enthusiastic partnerships and of course, Mother Nature herself.

In a South American country known for its broad access to water, notorious harsh winds and glorious sunshine, Chile makes for the perfect location to harness weather and transform it into energy. The project is known amongst its creators as the “Haru Oni Project” or HIF. The project entails taking energy harnessed from Siemens wind turbines to produce green hydrogen, and from there synthesizing it using various processes into usable, climate-neutral fuel. Siemens presents a process known as PEM (proton exchange membrane) electrolysis, which is great for utilizing wind power. Other companies involved are AME, which is the primary developer of the HIF project company, and ENAP which is providing staff that will work in operations, logistics, and maintenance.

The endgame of the project presents a ton of prospects for how consumers use and consider fuel as an essential product. The e-fuel created, unlike electric vehicles, makes use of an already existing global network of fueling stations that are already owned and maintained with easy and widespread access to consumers. Using wind power, engineers create green hydrogen by separating hydrogen into its two primary elements, hydrogen and oxygen. They then plan to combine CO2 with the hydrogen to create methanol, and from their synthesized into gasoline. The process speaks for itself with the title “MTG,” or methanol to gasoline. Project providers are looking for licenses and support from ExxonMobil.

Porsche’s dedication goes beyond just an investment company, as they are looking to initially be the primary buyer of e-fuel that is produced by the plant in Chile. With specific knowledge of the characteristics their vehicles require from the fuel used, Porsche plans to phase in the newer, greener fuel into their oncoming projects. This includes elements of the organization such as the Porsche Motorsports Fleet, the Porsche Experience Center, and after the project is deemed a success, they plan on integrating it with their upcoming model releases.

The CEO of both Siemens and Porsche are looking forward to advancing global options for alternative fuels. The project is even being supported by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to the tune of roughly 8 million Euros. Both CEOs as well as the Economic Affairs Minister are excited to launch the project, proclaiming that fuel utilizing renewable resources is a journey that in the end will harness amazing benefits for everyone.

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