Tips For Getting An Oil Change At Our Porsche Oklahoma City Car Dealership

February 22nd, 2019 by

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Learn about oil change service and auto repair tips at Porsche Oklahoma City.

Top-Notch Oil Change Service At Porsche Oklahoma City

An oil change service is one of the most vital forms of maintenance for any vehicle. However, many drivers still put off bringing their vehicle in for this quick and convenient service. Depending on the vehicle and on the type of oil used, you can usually go about 5,000 miles between oil change services. If a factory-certified technician at Porsche Oklahoma City tells you something different, follow their instructions. Whatever the number is, it’s important that you bring your vehicle in for service promptly. This will ensure your car’s engine continues to operate at peak efficiency.

Stop by the Service Center at Porsche Oklahoma City today to get an oil change service for your vehicle.

Ask Our Techs About The Different Types Of Oil

There are several different types of automotive oil, and it’s important to know which type of oil your vehicle takes. Most new vehicles take fully synthetic oil, which lasts longer and may be more effective than conventional oil. Conventional oil is a little less expensive than synthetic oil, but it wears out more quickly. Semi-synthetic is exactly what it sounds like – a compromise between these 2 types of oil. The other major type of oil is high-mileage, which can be either fully or semi-synthetic. This type is recommended for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles on the clock.

Meet with the techs at Porsche Oklahoma City today to learn about the different products available for your vehicle’s oil change service. We can also take care of any other auto repair or maintenance needs you may have. Visit our Porsche dealership in Oklahoma City today.

Get A Full Inspection

There are many quick lube shops in the Porsche Oklahoma City area, but experts do not recommend taking your vehicle into one of these shops. The Porsche Oklahoma City service center can take care of all of your auto repair and maintenance needs. In contrast, a quick lube shop is very limited in what it can do.

If you’re lucky enough to have a Porsche, Oklahoma City’s preferred maintenance and auto repair location is Porsche Oklahoma City. Bring your vehicle in today for an oil change and any other service it may need.

Schedule Your Oil Change Service Appointment Online

Our Porsche Oklahoma City website makes it easy for you to make a service appointment online. You can choose the perfect time for your schedule and ensure that your vehicle gets in without delay. Making an appointment streamlines the process, so you can get in and out as quickly as possible.

At our Porsche Oklahoma City car dealership, we accept oil change service appointments through our website. Make your appointment today.

Visit Porsche Oklahoma City Today

Drivers in Norman, Edmond and elsewhere in the Oklahoma City area can swing by the Porsche Oklahoma City service center today for quick and reliable oil change service. We can also take care of any other auto repair or maintenance needs you may have. As previously mentioned, it’s easy for you to make an appointment through our website. This allows you to pick the perfect time for your oil change service. If you find yourself in the neighborhood, we do accept walk-ins. Your Porsche vehicle takes great care of you, so why wouldn’t you give your vehicle the best of care? Come to Porsche Oklahoma City today for a convenient oil change service and any other automotive needs you may have. We look forward to seeing you.

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