New Porsche Macan Lineup

July 21st, 2021 by

New Porsche Macan

One of the most exemplary characteristics of Porsche as a company is that they are never satisfied to remain static. On the contrary, they are always pushing to move forward, expand, improve and find innovations. Drivers can thank this strong spirit for the new Macan that delivers more of everything from performance to design options. The SUV’s new lineup includes the Macan, the GTS, and the S and will arrive in early 2022.

Getting Right To The Point

The Macan GTS sports a 2.9-liter V6 Biturbo engine with 434 horsepower. The S version offers 375 horsepower, and the standard Macan comes in at a respectable 261 from the four-cylinder turbo. Those with an eye on the environment will be happy to learn that an electric version is also expected to debut in 2023. In the 0-60 test, the GTS is expected to come in at around 3.5 seconds of blistering speed.

Adding Some Creature Comfort

The new Macan is coming with a new sport air suspension that will add to the ride comfort of passengers and the thrill of handling for the driver. In addition, the chassis has been refined and optimized to increase sensitivity and provide more feedback to the driver through the steering wheel. As always, the Porsche is all about delivering the best driving experience possible, even in an SUV.

A Sporty New Look

The term SUV used to conger up an image of a boxy large and lumbering vehicle. Then Porsche added their moniker to this class of vehicles and changed the way we think of SUVs. The Macan is visually pleasing, from the wide and low newly shaped nose to the more rounded rear of the vehicle. The new eye candy on the rear end is a diffuser that is as functional as it is distinctive. For those who want to make a unique statement when they arrive, the Macan can be adorned in your favorite of 14 color options, including the new additions of Papaya Metallic, Gentian Blue Metallic, and Python Green.

Smooth, Inside And Out

The center console of the new Macan is as smooth and sleek as the exterior. The use of touch surfaces allowed for eliminating the buttons and knobs to create a cleaner and softer appearance. The focal point in the center of the dash is the 10.9-inch HD touchscreen that provides access to everything the driver needs. Optional voice commands can also be used to operate in a more hands-free mode. Driver and passenger comfort is enhanced by the 18-way sport seats, Race-Tex upholstery, and leather appointments throughout the interior.

For drivers looking for their dream sports car but need to live within the reality of more seating and cargo capacity, the new Macan is your dream SUV. It wraps the best of sports car driving into the function and capability of a much more ample vehicle.

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