Mulholland Drive – Porsche’s Playground

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Mulholland Drive

An iconic road in LA is the site of a lot of memories for Porsche drivers. Mulholland Drive runs from the Hollywood sign to the Pacific Ocean with 50 miles curving through the Santa Monica Mountains. This highway has been made famous by movies and has been driven by famous celebrities, many in their own Porsche models.

Mulholland Drive also has an illustrious but well-kept secret of racing. Jeff Zwart was one of those who enjoyed this famous Drive in multiple Porsche models. Born in Long Beach, he learned to drive his first Porsche, which was the 1964 Porsche 901 owned by his father. He managed to save up enough money while in high school to buy his own Porsche, a bright yellow 914/6. His early experiences on the road no doubt helped to shape his future as a Porsche racecar driver. He has also built a career in filming Porsche models for advertising.

Mulholland Drive was first built in 1924 with all its twists and turns for a long and thrilling stretch of highway that appealed to drivers. Many saw the route as a purely recreational trip that has since become famous all around the country.

A Racer’s Dream

In the 1950s, Mulholland became the location of street racing. It was known as the largest road race course for amateurs. The popularity of street racing this stretch of highway continued for two decades with names like Deadman’s Curve adding to the excitement of the drive. Porsche models, such as the 911, were perfect for this route.

Since the highway was a public road, police were finally able to stop the racing scene that had developed. However, many drivers still headed to Mulholland when they wanted a thrill ride. Today, the road begins with a confined space around traffic congestion and buildings. But it opens up where a car can really get into the hairpin turns and high-speed drives. At the bottom of the canyons, you’ll find rusty old vehicles that didn’t quite make the turns successfully.

Hollywood Appeal

Hollywood also saw the appeal of the historic road, which leads right to Universal Studios. Many celebrities have made their home on properties along Mulholland Drive. Films have included the highway, with one even being named after the road. Along with the thrill of the drive, Mulholland Drive is home to some breathtaking views, such as the Hollywood sign, the San Fernando Valley, and downtown LA. Mulholland Drive runs to the east and Mulholland Highway to the west. Right in the middle is a gravel portion known as Dirt Mulholland to the locals. This part of the road is closed to traffic because of landslides.

Zwart drove the Taycan 4S Cross Tursimo on the highway. When he selects the Gravel mode, it increases the drive height of the car to take on the rough road. He maneuvers the vehicle around tight bends with an ease born of a racecar expert. As he reaches the Pacific Ocean in this electric model, the only sound you hear is the sound of the ocean, proving that some things can still be as wonderful as they used to be.

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