Learn How to Prep Your Porsche for Spring with Master Detailer Daniela Friedl

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How to detail a Porsche

Cruising with the top down or the windows open on your Porsche sounds like the perfect way to spend a spring afternoon. You’ll want the car to look its best, which is why it’s important to know the right way to detail it. Expert detailer Daniela Friedl loves cars and cares for them with a personal touch. From dead insects to grease and tar, she knows how to deal with the enemy.

Attention to Detail

The secret to detailing is in the details (pun intended). Friedl says she will take two or three days to completely detail the car, working on one at a time. She recommends a checklist to make sure you love nothing out.

A hand wash is first on the list. Automatic car washes can leave scratches and damage the paint. Instead she suggests that you spray your car with water and use a ph-neutral shampoo in warm water. Rather than circular motions that many people use, Friedl prefers vertical or horizontal lines. She also uses cotton rather than traditional sponges because the particles can leave scratches.

The car must stay wet throughout the entire cleaning cycle. Friedl also says never to use a cloth that has fallen to the ground. After soaping up, the next step is to rinse the car and use a rubber scraper to get rid of the water. A dry clean cloth rubs down the car with the same straight lines used in washing.

The next step is to use a cleaning brush on the wheels with a specific cleaner for wheels. A dry cloth removes the cleaner for a nice shine.

Repair Time

One of the secrets of the trade is a detailing clay known as the Paint Rubber. As you work across the car with a light pressure, this tool gets rid of deposits from the paint. You can feel the difference just by running your hand along the treated and untreated sides.

Friedl advises against using products that combine cleaning and polishing. They are more likely to remove the paint than separate products. Once the polish has been applied, it is wiped off. A microfiber cloth provides the best results, and a sheen is noticeable immediately.

The same process of using clay and polishing is done to the wheels. Friedl moves onto the engine with an engine cleaner. A sealant follows which is left for two hours to do its job.

Taking Car of the Detail Inside

While many owners feel they are done because their car looks fabulous, Friedl says that a vehicle should shine from the inside out. Floor mats are cleaned, and the upholstery treated with leather cleaner. The leather cleaner is massaged into the material with a brush.

The grand finale is a sealer applied to protect the paint. It works in for five to ten minutes before polishing it. The result is a car that shines both inside and out and is ready for its next journey. Visit Porsche Oklahoma City for help detailing your Porsche!

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