Porsche GT2 RS vs McLaren 720S

Orange 720S and yellow 911 GT2 RS

Porsche of Oklahoma City couldn’t be more thrilled about Porsche has once again written the book on technical perfection and brilliant aesthetics with the release of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS. This vehicle simply makes others of its class pale by comparison, including the recently released McLaren 720S. Although the McLaren 720S has all the power and luxury you could ask for, a side-by-side look at the two vehicles certainly secures the GT2 RS in the spotlight. Improvements on engine power, braking power, and an increase in top speed makes the newest GT2 RS a shining beacon for the entire Porsche lineup.


A High-Speed Adventurer

The Porsche GT2 RS is the most recent in a long line of decorated sports cars and is certainly the highest performing of the entire 911 line. With production of its predecessors beginning in 1993, the GT2 RS has had several facelifts, upgrades, and even a name change. Huge improvements to the vehicle have made it one of the fastest street legal vehicles worldwide. The current model of the GT2 RS pushes an easy 700 horsepower and absolutely crushes acceleration speeds at 0-60 in only 2.6 seconds. 553 lb-ft of torque generates absolutely astounding power to its rear set of tires and can decimate a quarter mile stretch of track in 10.3 seconds.
The capability of the McLaren 720S is nothing to scoff at, and in the short term may out-perform the GT2 RS. The difference, however, is over those longer distances due to superior braking and cornering power presented by the Porsche GT2 RS.

A Nürburgring Top Performer

In one of the ultimate tests of power, speed, and capability, the Porsche GT2 RS pushed out the McLaren 720S by beating it by nearly 30 seconds in the Nürburgring competition in 2017. When looking at two outstanding performance vehicles such as these, the differences shown become positively palpable. The Porsche GTS R2 was able to outperform the McLaren for several reasons.
Porsche collaborated hand-in-hand with Michelin to improve on the already existing Pilot Sport Cup 2 tire series. The result was the N2 variant which was designed specifically for the GT2 RS to elicit every facet of performance out of the vehicle. In the end, the wider tire over the competition gave the GT2 the leading edge in grip over the varying elevations, sharp turns, and longer stretches of roadway.
In spite of no active aerodynamics on the vehicle, the Porsche GT2 RS still generates a ton of downforce that generates massive speeds on those more extreme corners. A manually adjustable wing on the rear of the vehicle enables the RS to generate nearly 1000 pounds of downforce at top speeds. Coupled with a big lip spoiler and air extractor, the cornering power of the vehicle remains unrivaled by competitors.

No-Frills Performance

The interesting thing about the Porsche GT2 RS over other vehicles of its class is what it doesn’t have. The vehicle has no active aerodynamics to reduce drag during a drive, and also lacks a hybrid drive train for a power boost, which is indicative that this car was simply built to perform the way that it exists in its initial state.