2022 Porsche Macan Updates

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2022 Porsche Macan Updates

Most Porsche drivers find that the middle of the pack option package is perfect to meet their needs. It has a few more creature comforts than the base model and is not quite the complex driving experience of the top-of-the-line model. And once again, Porsche has nailed that sweet spot with the Macan S. The oft-overlooked S model fills the void between the GTS with 434 horsepower and the base model at 261 horses. With 375 horsepower in the 2022 Macan S, it delivers an additional 27 horsepower from the newly acquired V-6 previously used in the GTS models. So when you are ready to jump off the line, your Macan S will hit the 60 mph mark in a refreshing 3.9 seconds.

What Else Is New?

To manage all that power in the Macan S, launch control is a feature included in the optional Sport Chrono package. It will cost you another $1,220 for the package. But this feature alone is well worth the slight price increase, as it nicely complements the other additions to the standard S package. Drivers are excited to have adaptive dampers, the Porsche Dynamic Light System, and new 20-inch wheels all included as standard equipment.

From The Inside

One of the first new twists drivers notice on the inside of the Macan S is the streamlined center console. All the switches and buttons of the past have been replaced with a flush haptic panel. All it takes is a firm touch to make those adjustments on the more modern and visually pleasing command center. However, drivers have noticed that the panel will gather some smudges and fingerprints, so keep that travel-sized package of wipes close at hand to keep your Macan S pristine. Other much-loved features inside the Macan S include the classic analog tach located front and center and the 10.9-inch multimedia touchscreen that now includes Apple CarPlay.

Heading Out For A Spin

As with all Porsches, the Macan S provides a unique union between the driver’s hands and the road’s surface. The steering assembly transfers the feel and a mental image of the road that your hands interpret and respond to effortlessly. In addition, the V-6 twin-turbo is responsive and has minimal lag as its voice grows to a roar.

Switch to Sport mode, and you will enjoy even more aggressive responses as the dampeners stiffen to create that tight, on-rails feel of a quality sports car. For a little more forgiving ride, the air springs will provide smooth sailing as you glide over less than perfect stretches of pavement. While the allure for some is that this vehicle offers more cargo and passenger space than a sports car, it never fails to excite with its cornering, acceleration, and ample braking. For its size and ride height, it is truly a sleeper that comes alive in the hands of an ambitious driver.

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